Hello world!

11 Apr

Hello, world! Welcome to my new blog. We’ll see if anything develops here or not. 🙂

Thanks for reading…


Posted by on 2011/04/11 in beginnings



3 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Debbie

    2011/04/15 at 11:08

    Nice little blog here:O) Thank you for coming by mine and telling me about it. You should also put it in your signature line on the boards so others can see it, if you want. Once I figure out how to do a blogroll, I’ll put some up. (Im not that advanced ;O)P )


  2. Tom

    2011/04/16 at 06:15

    Hi, Debbie. Thanks for the comment.

    I’ve added a post about how to add a blogroll to a Blogger blog. Hope it helps…

    • Debbie

      2011/04/16 at 11:12

      Thank you. I’ll read it more in depth later on. I am trying to get the kids out of the house, but my oldest is making that quite difficult!!

      Have a great weekend.


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