How To Add a BlogRoll to Your Blog in Blogger

16 Apr

This is my first blog using WordPress. I have a number of blogs based on Blogger, the original blogging site, now owned by Google.

Recently, a friend commented that she would add a blogroll to her blog as soon as she figured out how. In this post, I’m going to try to help her out and see if I can document how to add a blogroll to a Blogger blog. Blog. Blog. Blog. Blog is a strange word. Bloggety blog blog.

Blogger Dashboard

Start at the Blogger dashboard (visit and login if you aren’t already). Click the picture on the right if you need a larger view. Select the blog you want to work on from the dashboard and click its “Design” link in the dashboard list. See the red arrow?

Blogger will show you a “map” of your typical blog post. You’ll probably see a box at the top labeled “header”, a big box in the middle representing the post body, and smaller boxes labeled “Add A Gadget” down one side or the other and at the bottom.

Layout "map"

Decide where you want to put your blogroll. The typical location is on the side, but I think you can use any of the “Add A Gadget” boxes. Once you’ve selected the box you want to use, click the “Add A Gadget” link for that box.

Gadget Selector

Blogger will bring up a “Gadget Selector” window showing a list of gadgets that can run in the box. There are two gadgets that work well as blogrolls: Blog List and Link List.

Blog List Example

A Blog List gadget shows the main link for each blog, a link to the most recent post, and how long ago the post was made. See the box to the right for an example.

The Link List gadget is exactly what its name says — a list of links. There’s no additional information with each link. Scroll on down to see an example of this gadget in action.

When you make your selection, the dialog box will change to let you add entries to whichever gadget you’ve selected (see the “Blog List Editor” below for an example). You can add entries immediately or just click “Save” to add the gadget to the layout and add entries later. When you click “Save” in the gadget dialog, the dialog window will be dismissed and you’ll be back to your larger window with the blog “map” showing. Click “Save” in the “map” window.

Link List Example

The “map” window won’t go away, but you’ll see an orange box at the top of the page reporting “Your changes have been saved.” with a “View blog” link. Click “View blog” and see what your blog looks like with its new gadget. You can come back to the map page anytime to move things around or add new gadgets.

Adding Entries Later

You’ve added your blogroll and maybe a few entries. You’ve just run across a really cool blog and you want to add it to your list. How do you do it?

Blog List Editor

The easiest way is to visit your blog and look at it in the standard view. If you’re logged in with your Google id, each gadget will have a small screwdriver and wrench “Edit” icon in the lower right corner (see the examples above). Click on the edit icon for your blogroll and the entry dialog you saw earlier will come up, allowing you to add new entries to your list.

So there you have it. Happy blogging!


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6 responses to “How To Add a BlogRoll to Your Blog in Blogger

  1. Debbie

    2011/04/17 at 13:55

    You have been added:O) Thank you for this very concise and thorough explaination!! It seems soooo easy… of course;O)P

  2. Tom

    2011/04/18 at 06:36

    Thanks, Debbie! I’m glad I could help.

  3. Anil Joshi

    2011/08/08 at 06:37

    Very clear and step by step information. Easy to understand and any one can implement blog roll easily. Pictures added a easy path to implement.

    • Tom

      2011/08/28 at 17:27

      Thanks for the kind comment, Anil. I enjoyed scrolling through your very colorful site. I like the pictures.

  4. navjeet khatana

    2012/03/20 at 03:39

    thanks for your information . you made easy for me

    • Tom

      2012/04/01 at 21:13

      Glad the info was helpful, Navjeet.


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