I’m baaack! (and Thank You!)

06 May

It’s been a week and a half since I posted anything. This evening I looked at the statistics for this blog and discovered that since its inception on April 10, 27 days ago, the blog has been visited 251 times, an average of over 9 visits a day! In the past when I’ve started a blog, it was difficult to get feedback about how many visits the blog was getting and the feedback I was able to get indicated there weren’t many.

I don’t know why this blog is getting visited more than my past blogs have, but the fact that it is makes me feel more motivated to write for it. So I’ve started a list of possible topics to write on, like a comparison of features between blogger and wordpress (past blogs have been on blogger and I wonder if having this one on wordpress may be part of the explanation for why it’s receiving more guests), book reviews, ride reports (I’m a recumbent cyclist — hence the name of the blog), some of my silly cartoons, odd sights seen while out and about, and so forth. Feel free to let me know in the comments if you think of a topic you’d like to see me address.

In the category of odd and delightful sights, for example, today while driving through Louisiana on US 190, I saw the Higher Destiny Biker Church.

Higher Destiny Biker Church

The Higher Destiny Biker Church “[provides] for all who come a friendly, relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere where people of all persuasions of life can experience the love of Jesus.” While I may not share their beliefs about Jesus, I admire their commitment to providing a friendly, relaxed, and non-judgmental atmosphere for anyone who cares to visit.

We also passed this sign on the interstate:

Image courtesy of romaryka at

It tickled me to think of Baptist pumpkins. Subsequent research with google maps revealed that the sign actually refers to two separate places — Baptist, Louisiana (“A” on the map), and Pumpkin Center, Louisiana (“B” on the map).

In any case, I did want to say, “Thank you very much,” for visiting. You’ve inspired and motivated me to get on the stick and write some more. I hope to see you again tomorrow!

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