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09 May

The first blogging system I ever used was That was even before it was owned by Google, and it had very few bells and whistles. It was just a simple text blogging site. According to Wikipedia, Pyra Labs launched Blogger in 1999. Blogging was still fairly new at the time and I think most blogs at the time were by people who knew their way around HTML, who were coding each post by hand or with custom software they had written themselves for the most part. Blogger was a real pioneering effort to make blogging more accessible to more people. It may have been one of the early steps toward Web 2.0.

I have 14 blogs on Blogger, one of them private and password protected (my personal journal), the rest public, but not very visited as far as I can tell. That’s one of the things I have enjoyed about WordPress — it makes it easy to see statistics for your blogs. Looking at the Blogger dashboard now, I see that it offers statistics as well. So the score is Blogger 1, WordPress 1.

Another feature I have enjoyed with WordPress is the ability to schedule posts. This lets me write a post ahead of time and schedule its publication at a date and time in the future. Is there a way to do this with Blogger? Yes, there is! When writing a new post, if I click “Post Options” under the edit box, one of the controls that appears is “Post date and time”, which it looks like I can fill in to indicate when the new entry should be published. Blogger 2, WordPress 2.

WordPress provides a way to run a poll in a blog post. I don’t see a way to do that easily in Blogger. Blogger 2, WordPress 3.

Both systems have lots more features and options. It looks like it might be easier to monetize with Blogger, since it offers direct support for Google Adsense, but it seems easier to get traffic with WordPress. Since 2006, my 13 public Blogger blogs have collectively had 1151 visits. That’s an average of about 0.05 visits per blog per day. On the other hand, with one WordPress blog, I’ve had 254 visits in 21 days, an average of over 9 visits per blog per day. On the other hand, I just discovered that WordPress has a paid upgrade option to “remove all ads from your blog”. I haven’t seen any ads on my blog, but that would seem to mean that if anybody’s going to monetize my blog, it’s going to be WordPress. Hrmmn. 😦

I imagine I’ll keep the blogs I have at Blogger. I may even add more posts to some of them. Looking at the statistics, I was surprised at how many visits a couple of them have gotten over the years. One has 720 and a second one has almost 300. If I set up new blogs, though, they’ll probably be at WordPress. Unless I want to monetize. Then it may move to Blogger.

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