Why I Ride A Recumbent (Bicycle)

15 May
  1. It’s easier on my neck, back, and butt (as well as other things). When I lived in Nashville, I rode a DF (diamond frame) hybrid mountain/road bike for several seasons. I rode it to work a number of times and had a pretty good time with it. But every time I rode it, I wound up with a sore neck, a sore back, and a sore tush. Eventually, I stopped riding because it was hard to get enthusiastic about something that caused me so much pain.
  2. It’s fun. It feels great to get out on a sunny, lightly breezy day for a easy-paced ride, long or short.
  3. It gets me where I want to go. Often I ride to work, sometimes to other places — stores, restaurants, to meet my wife at the walking trail for a walk, and so forth. Wherever I’m going, it’s generally more fun to ride my bike than to drive a car.
  4. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment.
  5. I feel good about saving fossil fuel and not adding greenhouse gas (well, less anyway) to the atmosphere.
  6. Since I’m not burning fossil fuel, I don’t have to buy it. It saves me money.
  7. Riding my bike helps keep me healthy so I can enjoy my life.
  8. Riding my bike today reduces my future healthcare bills.
  9. It doesn’t require so much strange clothing as a DF. My recumbent shorts (with straps to snug the leg openings to my thighs so they don’t balloon) look a lot more normal than the chamois lined spandex underwear most DF riders sport. I have a blue and black recumbent jersey with a pocket on each side. In colder weather, I wear a long sleeved technical shirt and snug, warm cycling tights (but no padded shorts!).
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