The Name of this Blog

20 May

I thought I had invented a new word — “recumbutt”. I thought it was cleverly cute and subtly self-deprecating and would make a great name for a blog, not to mention a WordPress account.

Imagine my shock and surprise when I googled the word recently to see if the blog is showing up in the search engines. Yes, hits six and seven refer to this blog. However, hits 1 through 5 are about a particular state of gluteal discomfort suffered by some recumbent riders. Here’s what Urban Dictionary says about it:

1. recumbutt 2 thumbs up
Shotened form of Recumbent butt
I like the Bike-E but it gives me Recumbutt after a few hours

I’d like to note that when I rode a DF (diamond frame — traditional upright bicycle), it didn’t take any “few hours” for my backside to get sore. I’d also like to note that riding my recumbent bike has never caused me discomfort in that region. I got my first (minor) case of road rash a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve underdressed and gotten cold sometimes when I was riding, so I can’t say I’ve never suffered discomfort while riding my recumbent, but those instances can’t be blamed on the bike. I can ride for hours in perfect comfort and serenity and arrive home with no pain beyond the muscle burn I’ve earned climbing hills or the sunburn I’ve acquired while making vitamin D.

So, given that recumbutt actually has a meaning and that meaning doesn’t really apply to me, I’m wondering if I should change the name of the blog. What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know.

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