Success and Failure

23 May

We often think of success as the achievement of a goal, a point in time, an arrival.

So we choose a goal and work toward it over time. Often, we have to struggle past obstacles and overcome setbacks to finally reach the summit and achieve the goal. And, for a moment, it feels wonderful. We’ve arrived! We did it! We’re successful!

But then life closes back in. The very next Monday, it’s time to go to work again. The world isn’t nearly as impressed with our achievement as we had hoped for. We’re still the same old person with the same old triggers, annoyances, and phobias.

What if we thought of success as a process? What if we defined success as movement toward our goal rather than finally grasping it?

Until we achieve the goal or die, there is only one thing that can make our goal unachievable — giving up. Giving up is the only way to fail since it’s the only thing that can guarantee we won’t achieve the goal. If we define success as movement toward the goal rather than achievement of the goal, as long as we haven’t given up and we’re still making some progress, however small, we’re being successful

As long as I am approaching my goal, I am being successful. Only after I give up on a goal have I failed. As long as I refuse to give up, as long as I persevere, I still have the chance of achieving the goal. As long as I’m moving toward the goal, I’m being successful.

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