Want World Peace? Here’s How

24 May

Stop paying attention to the news.

That’s it. Your world will become more peaceful, whether the world “out there” does or not.

But isn’t that irresponsible? Don’t we need know what’s going on in the world to fight injustice and tyranny?

Well, maybe. But how accurate is the information available to you? The purpose of news organizations is not to provide accurate information. Their whole point in being is to attract attention for their advertisers. That’s what they get paid for. And they pursue that goal by publishing the most sensational, outlandish, extreme information available, not the run of the mill details of ordinary day to day life. Reading the news as it is published in the mainstream media provides a skewed picture of what’s going on in the world.

Most of the time, in most places, most people behave decently, help one another, act in good faith with integrity, honor their commitments, trust one another, pay their bills, and treat each other with kindness. If that didn’t describe the vast majority of human interactions, civilization would collapse.

But good news has never attracted attention or sold newspapers. It’s news of sensational, outlandish, and extreme behavior that attracts attention and garners revenue.

Where does the injustice and tyranny come from? If we all simply went about our lives without paying too much attention to the occasional lapse of our fellow humans, just doing our best and taking care of those around us, who would create injustice and tyranny? Sure, here and there, some folks try to get more than their share and that needs to be controlled, but it doesn’t need all of us obsessing over it. We have appointed or elected district attorneys and judges and law enforcement officers at various levels to keep an eye on things, and as their employers we need to keep an eye on them.

But I don’t think any aspect of the world is improved by my reading and getting upset over the latest celebrity gossip about some celebrity relationship meltdown or the latest antics of the “terrorists” or predictions of the end of the world or the posings of dictators in other countries.

I read some news. Not much, and I don’t believe everything I read. My world is pretty peaceful.

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