Sunday Bike Ride

03 Apr

This past Sunday, we went for another bike ride. This time we rode along Old Walland Highway from Townsend to Coulter Bridge and back. The road runs along Little River. We got started a little after 9:00 am when the fog was still heavy. By the time we’d been riding an hour, the fog had lifted and we had a beautiful day. This post will be mostly pictures showing things we saw along the way.

Little River from the bridge near Townsend

For example,

colorful pinwheel

This colorful pinwheel caught my eye so I shot a picture of it. It was spinning pretty fast when I took the picture but my camera did a pretty good job of stopping it.


We think this flower is a periwinkle, but we weren’t sure.

seasonal waterfall

We passed a couple of seasonal waterfalls. We’ve done this ride a number of times and usually this waterfall isn’t there. We’ve had a fair amount of rain this spring, so I think that’s where it’s coming from.

The one below actually runs under someone’s driveway!

seasonal waterfall 2

I thought the eight-sided house was pretty cool…

Did you know there’s a bathysphere in the Great Smoky Mountains? Here it is, right there in Townsend…

I was just going to ride on by without saying anything, but really! Calling me a “dip”. I was quite insulted. ;P It was April 1, after all.

We had a lovely day and we’re looking forward to our next ride already.

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