Silver Comet Ride (part 2)

10 Apr

If you paid attention last time, you’ll know that we started very close to mile marker 16 on the trail (15.96 to be exact). We headed west, so the mile marker numbers increased as we went. You can see an overview of the trail by clicking the link.

What follows are random pictures I took along the way, approximately in the order I took them.

We were already sitting down, so we didn't take advantage of this bench's invitation.

We did take advantage of the facilities here. This was the first place we noticed the "steeper going down" effect. The side trail down to the Chamber's parking lot seemed steep and long on the way down and we dreaded having to right back up. It seemed much easier and shorter than we expected on the way back.

A view of the trail

We stopped for a snack.

Based on all the trees down and cut on either side of the trail, we surmised that recent storms must have knocked down lots of trees, leaving the trail blocked at points. We were grateful the blockages were cleared by the time we were riding. It must've been a lot of work to clear the trail in some cases.

Brushy Mountain Tunnel

Brushy Mountain Tunnel is amazing. If you sing as you ride through, it amplifies your voice and makes it resonate. Wherever you are in the tunnel, if someone else is talking in the tunnel, you can hear them. On our return trip, I hummed a tri-et (there were three of us humming) with two other guys at the other end of the tunnel. As we passed them on our way out, I suggested we form a choir. They laughed.

My mileage at our turn around point.

We rode to Coot’s Lake, had some lunch there, then headed back toward the hotel. We had a nice conversation with a man and his daughter who were out riding the trail. They live near Hiram he said.


I wasn't sure why the trash can was tied to the tree, but I thought it was interesting enough to take a picture.

More evidence of serious weather passing through recently.

As we were riding back toward the truck, at one point, we heard a train that sounded very close by. We never saw it because the intervening trees were thick enough to block our view. So there are still rail lines near the Silver Comet rail-trail.

My mileage when we arrived back at our starting point.

After we drove back to the hotel, I unloaded my bike from the truck and went back out to ride some more, racking up about another 34 miles going to the beginning of the trail at Mavell Road in Atlanta and back.

We were at the end of the trail a few years ago and visited a Starbucks there. Sadly, the Starbucks is gone. It has been replaced by a bicycle shop, Smyrna Bicycles. To be clear, the Mavell Road trailhead is mile marker 0.0 on the trail. The shopping center where the Starbucks was (and the bike shop is now) is about a mile further along on a short trail called the Silver Comet Connector.

On the way back, at about mile 3.9, I heard goats bleating, then either someone shooting off firecrackers or firing a gun. I hope they weren’t shooting at the goats.

At the end of the day, my bike computer said my total pedal time was 6:58:41. We rode together from about 9:30 am to around 2:55 pm, then I went back out from about 3:40 to around 6:45. So the total elapsed time was about 8.5 hours.

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