Silver Comet Ride (part 3)

10 Apr

Sunrise from our hotel window

Sunday morning, April 8, we checked out of the hotel, loaded our stuff in the truck (the bikes were already loaded), and after a quick stop at a nearby Starbucks, we drove to Coot’s Lake, our turn-around point from the previous day.

After leaving the truck, we had only gone a quarter of a mile when I decided I really needed the jacket I had left behind in the truck. Karen went on and I went back to get my jacket. It’s chillier moving at 10 miles an hour than it is sitting still.

When I caught back to up to Karen, she was stopped in the trail, watching a dog about 100 yards further down the trail run anxiously back and forth. I got in the lead and as I rode toward the dog, he took off down the trail away from us. He clearly didn’t want an encounter with us any more than we wanted one with him.

Rockmart is about 4.5 miles or so from Coot’s Lake. I took this picture of the trail bridge over the river there. If you zoom in, you may be able to read the sign on the side of the bridge. It says “Silver Comet Trail”.

The Silver Comet trail bridge in Rockmart.

We knew there was hilly terrain between Rockmart and Cedartown but we didn’t remember how soon after Rockmart it starts. Turns out it’s pretty immediately. We got to the other side of Rockmart and realized we had just struggled over two big hills, so we turned back and made our way back to the truck parked at Coot’s Lake.

Our total distance for Sunday was about 10 miles. It took about an hour and twenty minutes of pedal time, around two hours elapsed. Then we went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch before trekking home.

I was surprised at how few other recumbents we saw on this trip. During past trips on the Silver Comet, we’ve seen lots of recumbents. This weekend, we only saw three.

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