05 May

Mom wrote:

But I forgot (how could I forget?!) to tell you one of the funnest parts of the hiking.  Along the trail we saw very small Chipmunks scurrying along the sides of the trail, running across in front of us, down the bank and under the bridge of a stream—one at the time, but more than we’ve ever seen in area.  They were so cute and pretty and such fun.  They were so small I wondered if they were Babies, but we didn’t see any Moms or Dads so maybe they’re just a small variety.

According to wikipedia, “All species of chipmunks are found in North America, with the exception of the Siberian chipmunk, which is found in Asia.” Wikipedia says they are a kind of squirrel. Here’s a picture of the Siberian cousin:

These guys probably aren’t as cute as the ones you saw in the flesh, but they’re the pictures I found easily available online. No, I didn’t take them myself — they’re from wikipedia. 🙂

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