Ten Humanist Propositions

13 Nov

A response to the Judeo-Christian “Ten Commandments”

  1. Mindful, attentive presence is the essential skill for living well.
  2. The most effective way to get the respect you want is to give it to others.
  3. If I will attend to the beam in my own eye, the mote in my sibling’s will generally take care of itself.
  4. To have a life full of joy, cultivate gratitude and let go of entitlement.
  5. To have a life of connection, cultivate compassion and let go of judgement.
  6. To have a life of meaning, cultivate love and let go of disdain.
  7. To have a life of learning and growth, cultivate an attitude of open curiosity and let go of certainty.
  8. To have a life full of trust, cultivate honesty and let go of deceit.
  9. Bear in mind that a statement that begins, “The fact of the matter is…” is still expressing an opinion, not necessarily a fact.
  10. What we think, we become, so our best strategy for becoming who we want to be is, as best we can, to work on filling our minds with what we do want rather than what we don’t.

NOTE: Many alternatives to the biblical ten commandments have been proposed. Wikipedia lists a number of them.


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2 responses to “Ten Humanist Propositions

  1. Meg

    2013/02/17 at 22:59

    Hello! I stumbled here from a link about nutrient density on McDougall’s site, and ended up reading nearly all of your posts. I enjoyed tremendously; thank you for sharing yourself and your ideas.

    • Tom

      2013/02/18 at 06:56

      Thanks for the kind words, Meg. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog.


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