Tiny Habits (3)

06 Apr

For the past week, I’ve been working on these habits:

  1. After I peel a banana, I will say thanks for one thing
  2. After I put something in the microwave, I will fill my water bottle if necessary and take a sip
  3. After pulling out of the garage, I will sit in the driveway to watch the garage door close

The banana habit has gone well. Sometimes I catch myself remembering to give thanks for something a few minutes after having peeled the banana. On the other hand, sometimes I notice that I think of the habit a few minutes before getting to the banana and going ahead and finding a gratitude at that point. The purpose of course, is just to get create more gratitude in my life and that’s what’s happening.

The goal of number 2 is to get me to drink water earlier in the day on weekends. When I fix my breakfast, I usually microwave my frozen blueberries for 30 seconds and water for a hot drink for two minutes. So that gives me triggers to take two sips of water. Taking the two sips reminds me that I want to drink more water (and take my water bottle with me when I leave the house), so that’s headed in the right direction.

Number 3 comes from some episodes last year when I thoughtlessly managed to ride off on my bike (or drive off in my car) leaving the garage door open. It’s not such a big deal when Karen is home, but it’s not so good to just go off and leave the house wide open to whatever critters might wander in. So this week I’ve done a good job of paying attention to closing the garage door because of making a point of sitting in the driveway to watch it close.

I may stick with this set for another week. I’m not feeling as automatic and confident with them as I did the first set.

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