Most of the advice I read about blogging says to be focused, that your blog should stick to a theme, that you should update it frequently, that you should use all the sizzle and pizzazz of Web 2.0 to dazzle and engage your readers.

I’m sure they’re right, but that’s just not my style. I don’t usually stick to one thing very well. I like to wander and explore. I don’t much care for working to a schedule. And I’m just not much of a multimedia kinda guy. I’m mostly word-oriented.

So maybe what develops here, if anything does, won’t be very interesting. That’s okay. It’s just what’s fascinating me right now.


2 responses to “About

  1. grace lorraine

    2011/11/05 at 02:53

    hey! i am wondering if you are still writing…. i saw comments not quickly moderated or some such. sorry i can’t answer your question about tagging when on your own domain….. are you a World Peace Diet facilitator??? 😉

  2. Tom

    2011/11/05 at 05:57

    Whether I’m still writing: sometimes, when something comes up that I want to say. 🙂 Lately, that hasn’t been terribly often.

    Yes, I have been slow about moderating comments sometimes. I wonder where you saw that.

    I am not a WPD facilitator… yet. I haven’t even started the training, but I am interested in that sort of thing since I think it’s kinda necessary if humanity is to survive as a species that we become more mindful and peaceful and stop eating other animals. I saw Dr. Tuttle at NAVS last year and I’ve read his book about the diet.

    Thanks for your visit and comment, Grace.


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